What areas do you service?

We predominantly offers commercial joinery and domestic kitchens services in teh loacl region, however we can travel to other parts of the state depending on the nature of the work.

Are kitchens your only area of expertise?

We love kitchens and creating custom kitchens for our clients. However, our experienced team also specialise in commercial joinery, especially retail joinery, hospitality joinery and office and workplace joinery.

What is a flat pack kitchen?

A flat pack kitchen is a kitchen joinery option for those wanting an alternative to the custom kitchens built by a specialist joiner. A flat pack kitchen comes as components you build yourself, including cupboards, cupboard doors, cabinets and benchtops. We have flat pack kitchens and kitchen components available in our showroom.

How does the quality of a flat pack kitchen compare with a custom kitchens design?

Just because a flat pack kitchen is a cheaper alternative to a custom-built kitchen doesn’t mean the flat pack option lacks quality. The flat pack kitchens available are structurally sound and made of quality materials. The custom kitchens, however, are the best choice if you want unique design, construction and installation from one of the most experienced and professional joinery teams in the region.